Fiducia Petroleum is an independent oil trading firm founded in 2019. With its highly experienced team, Fiducia Petroleum creates trading, logistical and financial solutions for its international supplier and customer base. The firm is operating from Dubai, UAE and Khartoum, Sudan.

  • Fiducia Petroleum sources, finances and delivers energy commodities globally.
  • The group is supported by a strong management team, with significant expertisein commodities trading, finance, risk managment and corporate governance.
  • Fiducia Petroleum combines the knowledge gained from long-lasting customer and supplier relationships with core competencies of trading, risk management, finance and logistics
  • Fiducia Petroleum’s fundamental corporate values are closely tied to efficiency, social responsibility, honesty, morality and partnership.

Fiducia Petroleum aims to become a leading trader of petroleum products in Eastern Africa. We intend to do so by being creative and resourceful in all aspects of our business, acting with integrity, honesty and transparency in all of our endeavors. Hence the name of our company – Fiducia means “Trust” in Latin. We pride ourselves on being absolutely trustworthy with all our business partners.